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Please note, most  of the video archives have a mix of public domain, Creative Commons (and other copyleft) and material under traditional copyright.  You MUST check the licensing on every video clip you use, and keep 100% accurate records of the source and copyright status of each clip.  Your best advice is to keep in mind this tip from the Internet Archive:

"Who owns the rights to these movies?

This will vary for practically every movie in the archive.  We are endevouring to make it easy to understand what you can do with these movies, but this is a work-in-progress. Many of the movies and collections are licensed with Creative Commons Licenses. If the movie has a CC License, it will be noted on the movie's detail page. Click on this link to find out exactly what the permissions are for that particular film. Some films may have the contact information listed for the filmmaker. If the information is provided, feel free to contact the filmaker or organization the film comes from.  If there's no license, you should assume that the only thing you're allowed to do with it is watch it."


How to License and Mark Your Material